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Hi again!

If you didn’t know, Augustus believes he’s immortal and, by the time we make our film about his life, he believes himself to be over 150 years old! So he has some strange stories to tell.

(press play – continue reading – use imagination)


The above musical piece plays as Augustus tells the story of his friendship with Count Robert Montesquiou, a member of the French bourgeoisie. Augustus believes to have lived with and learned from Montesquiou during the early 1900’s… Augustus now looks back at this time as happiest part of his life.

Everything about this project, from the production through to the marketing, is grassroots… we would be tremendously grateful if you helped us spread the word! How? Embed our teaser trailer or our film clip on your blog or website (or facebook page, etc…). Or push one of those “share” buttons that you see right below this post to tell others about this song (reddit, facebook, etc..). Or just telling your friends or family about our project helps a ton!

And in the meantime, we’re trying to get our film released as soon as humanly possible! We can’t wait for you to see it! Thanks for reading!

(keep listening – when music stops, press repeat)

NOTE: Forgot to mention… For those of you who enjoyed my previous music, I composed the soundtrack for the film.


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