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  1. robynn sleep #
    September 25, 2012

    Creative, original, mysterious, definitely want to see the movie. Love the production values and design aesthetic, fabulous use of color, love the music. Funny that the colors and music don’t really seem to go together, but they are perfect together. Maybe because the discordance is consistent with the theme of the movie? Are things the way they seem?

  2. Kave #
    September 25, 2012

    been keeping an eye on this… definitely intriguing, certainly anticipating the release!

  3. Adam Wilmer #
    September 26, 2012

    The trailer definitely plays on the question of doubt. I’ve seen Augustus’ videos. How could there be any doubt. As human beings we are satiated only by mystery and states of disbelief. Augustus was real because the effect he had on those who watched was real. We all need Augustus Gladstone and legends like his. He has a gravitas and gusto that attracts our childlike wonderment. I believe in Augustus Gladstone.

  4. Kori #
    October 3, 2012

    Yes, I am also interested in seeing the film. I’ve always wondered what happened to him after seeing his last post, when he left the film production.

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