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So far, this isn’t much of a blog. The good news: we’ve been busy. Production began on August 6th and we’re now into our 13th day of shooting The Immortal Augustus Gladstone. Things are settling down and we’re already falling into rhythm with Augustus (he’s a creature of habit). He never tires of having a film crew hanging around; in fact he seems to thrive on it. He’s endlessly hospitable and friendly and enjoys all of us, even at our worst. On the first day of the shoot he quickly learned all our names.

So far, we’ve spent some time following him around Portland and visiting him at a few of his favorite haunts. In general he leads a quiet existence. He tries to blend in as much as possible (though he sticks out like a sore thumb).

For those of you who enjoyed Augustus’ YouTube videos and want more, I think he’s distracted by production and has, in effect, lost interest. He’s started referring to our documentary as a continuation of his YouTube videos and a couple of times he’s compared our film to a reality T.V. show of his life (which seems to be a compliment, or at least, that’s how I’m taking it).

The photos, above, are a few interior still shots I took during my first visit with Augustus.

Stay tuned… I’ll try to keep you inform as I can fine time.


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